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# MATT SHIELD Ceramic Coating for matt lacquers!

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The high-quality Racoon Coating for all matt painted surfaces! The maximum, long-lasting... more
Product information "# MATT SHIELD Ceramic Coating for matt lacquers!"

The high-quality Racoon Coating for all matt painted surfaces!

The maximum, long-lasting and absolutely invisible protection!



The very durable and also temperature-resistant Racoon # MATT SHIELD was developed exclusively for matt lacquered vehicle surfaces and offers consistent advantages all year round, even in the following winter! 

The sealant is colorless and therefore invisible and is perfectly suitable for all matt paint colors! 


Thanks to our new innovative formulation with finely tuned additives, even the smallest surface irregularities 

are evened out and an absolutely invisible, extremely smooth and hard, even more resistant ceramic protective layer (-9H) is formed. This results in a very stable hydrophobic easy-to-clean effect with a very long service life, which also visibly reduces new soiling!


# MATT SHIELD - Simple and easy application! 

# MATT SHIELD - Excellent dirt and water repellent properties!

# MATT SHIELD - A permanent protection that also makes cleaning much easier!

# MATT SHIELD - Due to the harder surface also a better protection against scratches!


Available in 30ml glass bottles, 

as well as in the practical all-inclusive set  # RC MATT SHIELD Full-Kit.


The application of the coating is relatively simple and can be processed without special knowledge! 

However, care must be taken to clean and prepare the surfaces to be sealed very thoroughly in order 

to achieve an optimal and long-lasting bond!  The stability and abrasion resistance of the ceramic 

coating depends on how well it can chemically bind!


For a residue-free cleaning and preparation, after the thorough car wash, we recommend our 

Racoon # ALCOHOLIC ! This degreaser guarantees a really clean and also reactive surface!


Please read the instructions in the application manual carefully!


Available separately in our Racoon Shop: 

Racoon # ALCOHOLIC for preparation and matching applicator cloths and foam blocks for sealing!



Keep out of the reach of children. Transport upright and store in a cool place!

Liquid and vapor highly flammable. Harmful if swallowed. Causes severe eye damage. May cause allergic skin reactions. 

May cause drowsiness and dizziness. Keep away from heat / sparks / open flame / hot surfaces. Do not smoke. 

Wear protective gloves / eye protection! Do not inhale vapors. 

IF IN CONTACT WITH EYES: Rinse gently with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if possible. Continue rinsing. 

If eye irritation persists: Seek medical attention. If you feel unwell, call a POISON INFORMATION CENTER / doctor!



Ingredients:N-butyl acetate, polysilazane compounds

Please read the following instructions carefully!     Racoon #  MATT... more

Please read the following instructions carefully!



Racoon #  MATT SHIELD  -  The ceramic coating for matt lacquers!


The application of the coating is really simple!  

However, care should be taken to carefully clean and prepare the lacquered surfaces to be sealed!


Keep out of the reach of children! 

Never apply a coating outdoors or in direct sunlight, but only in a well-ventilated garage! 

Do not use on heated or hot surfaces or at temperatures below +10°C! 

For your protection, we recommend wearing disposable nitrile gloves! 

Transport upright and store in a cool place! Wash hands thoroughly after use!



The most important work before the lacquer receives the desired protection is to prepare the surface for coating in the best possible way! This includes a thorough vehicle wash and residue-free cleaning, and depending on the paint condition / age, possibly also a preparation with a silicone- and wax-free polish.  


Then the final degreasing of the lacquer follows in order to remove last buildup, product residues and polish residues. 

For degreasing, we recommend our Racoon # ALCOHOLIC - Degreaser, which is specially adapted to the coating. Spray the degreaser either directly onto the surface or onto a microfibre cloth and thoroughly remove the remaining dirt and product residues. The surface must really be cleaned deep into the pores so that it can also form a long-lasting bond with the new coating!



Racoon # MATT SHIELD should only be applied to a completely dry, oil- and dust-free paint surface and not in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces, as otherwise the coating dries too quickly and makes application difficult or impossible. Please use only high quality and suitable applicator cloths and pads for the application, under no circumstances microfibre or cotton cloths! Always work in small areas, e.g. half a bonnet, a door and a fender. 


Apply only a few drops of the coating to the applicator cloth and spread on the lacquer with the help of the foam pad using the cross-line method, i.e. horizontally and vertically, until no or only very small material residues are visible. The cloths are then saturated relatively quickly and should be turned to a clean side or replaced. After approx. 3 - 5 minutes the seal is flashed off and excess product residues must be removed immediately with a clean microfibre cloth and polished with light pressure. 


Depending on the outside temperature, the coating hardens after approx. 15 minutes and is weatherproof after approx. 6 hours. 



Complete curing then takes at least 3 days and the vehicle should only be washed again afterwards.

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